Fact-checking the US and China on climate and environment

There is tension between the China and the US on a range of issues, including climate change and the environment.

In September, the US issued a list of China's environmental "abuses."

In response, China put out its own report, detailing US "environmental damage".

CO2 emissions
China claims cumulative CO2 emissions from the US are about three times those of China.

From 1750 (when emissions are thought to have been virtually zero) until the end of 2018, China produced about 210.20
billion tonnes of CO2, according to Our World in Data, which compiles statistics from different countries.

The US produced 404.77 billion tonnes in the same period.

And in recent years, US carbon emissions have been on a downward trend - as it moves away from coal towards natural
gas and renewable energy.

Illegal logging and deforestation
China claims illegal logging and deforestation are "rampant" in the US.

But the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) says illegal logging is not "widespread" in the US.

And neither is the US among the top-10 countries for average annual loss of forest area between 2010 and 2020,
according to the UN's Food and Agriculture Organisation.

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